MET Innovation Camp 2017
MET Innovation Camp 2017
Opción de tomar el curso: Semanal, Temporada,
Tipo: Recreativo
Locación: Aire libre, Bajo techo,
Tiempo del día: Mañana, Tarde, Todo el dia,

Fecha: 19.06.2017 00:00 2017-06-19
Hasta: 14.07.2017 00:00 2017-07-14

Proveedor: Metropolitan School of Panama
Dirección: Ave. Vicente Bonilla, Building #104, Ciudad del Saber, Clayton, Ancón, Panamá

Dirección: Ave. Vicente Bonilla, Building #104, Ciudad del Saber, Clayton
Zona: Panamá
Ciudad: Panamá
País: Panama
Teléfono: 317-1130
Página web: a
Precio: $275.00 por semana/ $999.00 por 4 semanas (comida y paseos incluidos)
Horario: 19 de Junio a 14 de Julio: lunes a viernes (puede tomarse por semana o por el periodo completo)
  • MET Innovation Camp includes, snacks, lunch and transportation for an additional price.
  • The MET Innovation Camp is the place to learn and have fun!
  • A maker space where new ideas come to life, a journey through science and creativity, exploring and learning through high-tech, artistic and scientific projects.
  • For ages 9-12
Travel the globe learning how ancient architectural breakthroughs led to the fundamental design elements we know today. From walls and arches to post-and-lintel building techniques, learn how similar design elements evolved at the same time in different societies around the world.
Oceanic Exploration
An exciting journey from the tropics to the poles exploring the physical and geological systems of our oceans. Build an arctic food web, simulate coral reefs, bring the sea otter back from extinction, track great white sharks, and more.
3D modeling
Bring your ideas to life with CAD (computer-aided design) software. We will design and print 3D solutions to engaging challenges, fostering creativity and building technical literacy in interior design, architecture and engineering.
Flight & Aerodynamics
Explore the history of flight through hands-on projects; learn from the ancient Chinese and Maori kites, the Da Vinci´s flying machines and the Wright Brother´s first plane. Campers will apply concepts in physics, such as energy conservation, buoyancy and the forces of flight, to create flying machines such as hot air balloons, parachutes, gliders, planes, helicopters and rockets!
Traveling Artist
Use your artistic skills to recreate cool traditional handicrafts from around the world: from China to Peru, Greece to Australia, Indonesia and many other faraway countries. IT'S A CREATIVE WAY to explore the different and exciting cultures of the world.
Turn your dream style into a runway reality. Take inspiration from your daily activities as you brainstorm ideas for your own themed fashion collection. Work on sewing machines and hone your hand-stitching skills. Learn how to use a pattern to create a custom pieces. Add pockets, zippers or buttons to your pieces. Share your mini collection of creations with your campmates.
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