LIbros: Colección Now I´m Growing

Colección de libros en Inglés Now I´m Growing
Para niños de 2 años en adelante, contiene 6 títulos, simpáticamente ilustrados.

Little steps for big kids!  From best-selling author of the award-winning Now I'm Reading! series comes a brand new line created to help both parents and children as they take on the many steps, challenges, and changes that go hand in hand with little kids becoming big kids.  With contemporary art and child-friendly stories, these books provide a fresh approach to growing up.

  • A Visit to the Doctor With a dose of fun and a spoonful of silly, kids will love reading along with this sweet story as they learn what to expect at a checkup with the doctor.
  • First Day of School This comforting story takes kids (and parents) through a typical day at school, from getting ready at home to making new friends, and everything in between.  A parent spread at the back of the book includes helpful hints to get your children ready for this momentous milestone.
  • Hands are not for Hurting An endearing story that will help children discover how to appropriately respond to their emotions so that they can learn to use their hands in helpful, not hurtful ways.
  • I'm a New Big Sister Share this sweet story with any new big sister to help her understand how she can be a part of the new baby's life, how important she is to you, and how wonderful being a big sister really can be.
  • Prince of the Potty / Princess of the Potty From smelly, wet diapers to clean big-kid underwear, children will laugh right out of their pants and onto the potty as they master this momentous milestone.

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